Cascade Truck’s Top 10 Gifts You Should Probably get your Friend With a Truck.

At Cascade, we love trucks, a lot. Looking forward to the holiday season this year, we thought about some of the presents that we would probably enjoy. These are some suggestions from Kjell McCord. Please feel free to comment and let us know if you have any other suggestions for fun gift ideas for truck-loving people. Most, but not all of these items are relatively cheap, and can be purchased for under $100.

1. A subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio - Trust me, they’ll thank you for the crystal clear radio stations and the chance to use their sound-systems to the fullest.

 Image courtesy of Truck Hardware

Image courtesy of Truck Hardware

2. Quality Floor Mats. Every car or truck owner has probably accumulated dozens of horror stories of friends and family members tracking mud and dirt into their brand-new or freshly-cleaned truck or car. This can be the gift that keeps on giving. The more they cover, the better!


3. A make-your-own towing/hauling kit: includes a ball, tie-downs, hitch aligner, and a tow strap, all in a stowable bin. There are many situations where having a truck will necessitate towing something/someone. Having a handy kit like this can be indispensible.

 Picture courtesy of Ed Kohler, used under license for re-use.

Picture courtesy of Ed Kohler, used under license for re-use.

4. Quality seat covers. For the same reason as floor mats, seat covers are a must in any vehicle. Try to find one that matches their style, or go for the humorous approach and just get them Hello-Kitty everything. It’s up to you.


5. An Emergency kit: comes with flares, a first aid kit, water, blankets etc.

6. A spare battery with jumper cables to help out stranded wayward friends who need an occasional jump. Having this may not seem like a big deal, but it can save an engine, as there is always the chance that something could go wrong while being a good samaritan.


7 Tire Chains, so your friend or loved one never has to worry about driving in the snow again.

 picture courtesy of Diamondback Truck Covers. Picture Licensed for Re-use

picture courtesy of Diamondback Truck Covers. Picture Licensed for Re-use


8. If you have a bit more than $100, this one is sure to be a winner if they don’t already have it, a bed toolbox. This can be handy to stow just about anything and gives the truck owner more space to work with. (They can lock possessions in the toolbox without worry.)


9. Another option available, if you really want to get an incredible gift for your friend or loved one, consider making an investment in a tonneau cover for their truck bed. As an alternative to a tool box, and only a slight bit more expensive (some sell for less than $200), you could help them lock their entire truck bed, keeping it safe from weather, would be thieves, and annoying people who throw cans in the back of your pickup. We promise, this gift will impress.


10. A massive, refillable Maverick cup. Because who doesn’t want to pound down an entire gallon of soda while taking a comfortable drive?

Any of these options would make a great gift for any friend or relative with a pickup, but they will be even more important, because it came from you. Have anything to add? Feel free to do so in the comments below


Picking the best Truck for the Job

When purchasing a truck, one of the first steps to take, is a realistic assessment of your needs. Here’s a handy guide on some things to look for when looking for a truck to purchase.

How much room do you need?

Regular Cabs (with no back seat) are the least expensive and tend to have longer beds, but will seat a maximum of 3 people. 

Extended Cabs have a “back” seat sufficient for children or even adults (for short trips).  Extended are also great for keeping tools and such out of the rain (unless you have a cargo box in the bed). The bed length is normally the same as a Regular Cab.

Crew Cabs have comfortable seating for up to 6 adults, huge children, extra cargo, or all three.  The bed size is often smaller, though longer-bed crew cabs are easy to find.

The offset to increased cab size is that it usually comes at a higher cost, but at least the family can be together without lashing the kids to the hood of the truck.

Just remember the golden rule of owning a truck: “we can make it fit.” This is not limited to cargo.

Engine Size/How much can it tow and carry?

Some people want to go over the mountain, others want to bring the mountain home with them. Deciding what kind of engine you need can be heavily influenced by how much you intend to haul from point A to point B.

Diesels are towing/torque monsters (with some Heavy-duty diesels towing up to 31,000 lbs) that still maintain decent gas mileage, but can come at a substantial premium.  If you are towing 10,000+ lbs, or consistently towing 5,000+ lbs (like a utility trailer for work), then a diesel is the way to go, but if you don’t have those needs, it’s probably not worth the additional expense.

V8s (aspirated) can usually tow up to 10,000 lbs, which is more than enough for most boats/trailers.  While gas V8s are less efficient than diesels, these trucks normally don’t have the added weight of diesels (which are built to tow), so you’ll see better gas mileage.

Turbo-charged V6s, like Ford’s Ecoboost, are exceptional engines that provide more horsepower, torque, and towing capacity than a V8, all while achieving better gas mileage.  You don’t get the satisfying roar of a V8, but they truly are remarkable engines (though you will pay a premium for them).

4-wheel drive

Ask yourself this question, do I live in Utah? If the answer is yes, then 4-wheel drive is pretty much a must.  The rear-wheel drive nature of trucks makes them especially vulnerable on icy/snowy roads, for which Utah is notorious.  Also, if you ever intend to travel off the beaten path, 4-wheel drive can get you out of a lot of sticky/muddy situations (but can also give you a false sense of confidence!).

However, if you live in southern California, where the worst you get is a bit of rain during the winter, it might be best to forgo this option and save yourself some money.  As an alternative, you can always carry chains and/or extra weight for added traction.


Just because a vehicle is rugged on the outside, doesn’t mean that it needs to feel rugged on the inside. Being comfortable isn't something that people typically associate with a truck, but the truth is, a truck can be one of the most pleasant driving experiences around.  You're higher up (giving you a clearer view of the road than most cars), you typically have more room, and road noise is often reduced.

Trucks these days come in a variety of trim levels which give you different degrees of comfort/quality with upgrades such as premium sound systems, leather, navigation, heated/cooled seats, etc.  For you, some of these items might be worth the additional cost.

Have Fun and Take Your Time

With a few exceptions, trucks these days are built well.  It all comes down to figuring out what you need and what is really important to you.  Test drive them all; Fords, Chevys, RAMs, Toyotas, etc.  At the end of the day, looking for a truck should be a fun and positive experience, especially when you find what you are looking for, at the right price.

Cascade Trucks’ Favorite Famous Trucks In Action Film.

Quick question, if you lived in an action movie, which vehicle would you choose? If you answered with any kind of truck, then we’re the same. At Cascade, we love trucks, even more so if that truck was featured in an action movie. Here is our list of 5 of the most iconic trucks in movies, and why we think they’re awesome. Please note that these choices are simply our opinions, and might not reflect the views of the public at large, or most major film critics.

1 Mad Max “The Road Warrior” 1972 Ford F-100.


With a wrap around windshield, mounted crossbow launcher and awesome cobra decals, this baby was a truck you would want to have during any apocalypse. Complete with marauding band of leather-padded raiders, you’ve got a force to be reckoned with! Needless to say, these poor saps had the bad luck of going against Rockatansky (Mad Max). Still, it doesn’t diminish the awesomeness of this vehicle.

2.Transformers - 2007 GMC C4500 Topkick “Ironhide”

While our favorite transformer, Optimus Prime, is featured as a Peterbilt 379 in Michael Bay’s Transformers, we’d be insane if we didn’t mention a special Shout-Out to Ironhide, who transformed into a 2007 GMC C4500 Topkick.  Whether you watched the film for nostalgia reasons, because you like giant explosions, big robots, or Megan Fox, the entire film was fun to watch. An interesting note about the truck, is that the term “Topkick” is military slang for “First Sergeant.” A fitting theme for one of Optimus’ right hand bots.

3. Ford Bronco Oceans 11.

If you’re like us, then you loved the scene with the two LDS brothers from Oceans 11 whose rivalry knows no bounds. One, a gifted genius with RC cars, the other, gifted with the mighty ford bronco. (spoiler, the bronco wins). The paint decals on both were pretty sweet too.

4. Tremors 1963 Jeep Gladiator

In a world where large subterranean worms are likely to grab hold of your axles and hold your car fast, you want a truck that can really throw its weight around. Enter the 1963 Jeep Gladiator, the one truck in the film that wasn’t simply overcome by the graboids tentacles. It dug in, and tore the appendage from it’s socket.

5. Back to the future 1985 Toyota SR5

While the DeLorean was the time machine used to travel back and forth into the past. This was Marty’s dream truck. He dreamed of taking it out to the lake, sleeping bags in the back… Needless to say it was an iconic star in the film. The only thing the DeLorean had on this was a time machine, and honestly, it’s really the only reason it could even compete in cool-factor at all.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 list, please feel free to share some of your own thoughts in the comments below. Keep in mind, that these are just our personal preferences. For a more complete list (with video!) check out this website.


Cascade Trucks 5 Reasons to Own a Pickup Truck

Whether you currently own a truck, have thought about getting one in the past, or plan to get one in the future, getting a new truck can change your perspective on life, and make you indispensable to neighbors and friends who will look to you, when they need furniture delivered, or vehicles towed. With great power, comes great responsibility. Here are five reasons why you should own a truck.


 This car just doesn't cut it. This person should have gotten a truck.

This car just doesn't cut it. This person should have gotten a truck.

1. Hauling/Towing.

One of the first things people think of when they look at getting a truck, is how much they will be able to haul and tow. Got a boat? No problem! Enjoy yourself out on that lake! Friend stuck in a ditch? Go ahead and get him out (but make him buy you dinner or a cold beverage for the service). Need to carry a bunch of rocks for whatever reason? Go ahead, load em up in the back, then haul them wherever you need to. The best part is, you can do whatever you want, it’s YOUR truck.


 "Mountain? What mountain? All I see is more road" - Anonymous Truck Driver.  Image via by Diamondback Truck Covers

"Mountain? What mountain? All I see is more road" - Anonymous Truck Driver.

Image via by Diamondback Truck Covers

2. 4 - wheel drive.

While not absolutely necessary, it is nice to be able to take the truck offroad, or be able to drive on the road in harsh weather. Being able to get to where you need to, and having the rugged power to get there, are all part of owning a truck. See a spot off in the distance, over some rocks and trees and up the side of a mountain? Say no more, just turn on your four-wheel-drive and your truck will safely take you there! Find yourself stuck in mud, snow, or the labrea tar pits? No worries! Just switch that sucker into first gear and power your way out of it! (note that driving through the la brea tar pits will probably be the last time you use your truck). Finally, going off the beaten path is something that every truck owner should do at least once, I mean, it’s really what they were built for!


 While this truck driver may not have been the brightest, notice that the wall is gone, and the truck is relatively unharmed. Safety test successful!

While this truck driver may not have been the brightest, notice that the wall is gone, and the truck is relatively unharmed. Safety test successful!

3. Safety.

Once upon a time, my dad owned a Dodge Ram, In all his stories of people rear-ending his truck, or hitting it with their car, it ends the same way. He simply had to bend back his license plate, and ask if the other driver was okay (usually they were then sitting in a totaled vehicle) Trucks are big, armored pieces of machinery which put more steel between you and the idiot not paying attention to the road than any other vehicle on the road (except maybe a bigger truck). Getting a truck means that you are higher off of the ground in most cases and it means that you have a better chance of walking away from an accident with little to no injury.


 Hint hint, nudge nudge. We're very affordable, come check us out!

Hint hint, nudge nudge. We're very affordable, come check us out!

4. Affordable. Many models of trucks retain their value better than other vehicles. According to Experts from the NADA, Kelly Blue Book, and Black Book are saying that “a growing economy, an improved housing market, and a relatively low supply of used pickups (less than 9 years old) in good shape contribute to the slower depreciation of pickups”. Prices for a used pickup less than 9 years old have dropped only 1 or 2 percent in the last year. Whereas normal price-drops are around 10-15 percent.


5. Luxury.

Most people don’t think of trucks as being overly luxurious. But have you tried some of the newer models? They’re quiet, get great gas mileage, and still do all of the things a truck can normally do. Not only that, but they handle tough weather, and tough terrain like champs, letting you have a smooth ride from start to finish. Getting a truck also means different options available to you as far as customization. Just as with any car, you can have the leather heated seats, built in sound-system and KIP system installed. You just have the benefit of being better than most other people, because it’s also a truck. Seriously though, if you’re interested in seeing how some of the newer models run, come check out our car lot or give us a call.