Why Buy from Cascade Trucks



Cascade Trucks caters to discerning buyers who do their homework.  Our customers know what they want and are looking for the best deal they can find.



Simply put, we offer the lowest prices on the highest quality vehicles.

It’s not a meaningless claim.  If you do your research, you’ll find that our trucks are consistently priced significantly below book value (KBB and NADA), as well as the competition.  In fact, as of this posting, our trucks were priced over 7% below the average price for KSL and Autotrader, when compared to identical model/year/trim trucks with similar mileage.



How we beat the competition in quality:

  • We only buy/sell CLEAN TITLE trucks

  • We only buy/sell late model (5 years old or less), low mileage (75k miles or less) trucks

  • I am not a mechanic, so I only buy trucks that have been rigorously tested and certified.  Each truck goes through a 66-point inspection to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

  • Many of our trucks are still under factory warranty, and additional warranties are available.

  • I personally inspect, buy, and drive each truck.  I won’t sell a truck that I wouldn’t buy for myself.

  • We offer a 5-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.



How we beat the competition in price:

  • We don’t have popcorn machines, strings of balloons, dancing men with signs, etc.  What other dealers spend on junk, we take out of the price of our trucks.

  • I have one employee (that does the work of five, but is paid a salary for one )

  • We don’t spend our time with shady financing deals, questionable upsells, etc.  We spend our time looking far and wide for best deals on quality vehicles that we can sell at competitive prices.